Bug in TabPanel

I have a tab panel on a window. If, in the GUI, I initialize the window such that .visible = False, then when I show that window (by changing .visible to True), then the tab panel does not (apparently) work.

In some circumstances, resizing the window will provide a screen refresh and it appears the tab panel must have responded to the MouseDown event, but it didn’t cause a refresh.

The workaround seems to be to start the window up with .visible = True, then set it to False in code.

It helps if you provide a small sample project for others to have a go at the problem - even when it is as simple as this.

What do you mean by “not work” ? If I show the window, or simply set it’s visible to true, I can switch tabs fine.

Markus suggestion is the best one. Without a sample project, difficult to know what is going on.

OK when I have time.
Not today! :slight_smile: