Bug in ReportLabel WordWrap

I’ve noticed that text in a reportlabel doesn’t wrap correctly when there are endofline characters in the string. It seems like the endofline characters confuse the positioning of the text. I have attached a sample project to the feedback report. <https://xojo.com/issue/46740>

Is there a way to separate my paragraphs from the text area using endofline, and then simply turn off wordwrap inthe report fireld?

Ok I found a work around.

Function GetLines(extends t as TextArea) As String()
  dim lines() as String
  if t.Text = "" then Return lines
  Dim lineNum As Integer
  lineNum = t.LineNumAtCharPos(T.Text.Len)
  for i as Integer = 0 to lineNum
    lines.Append t.Text.Mid(t.CharPosAtLineNum(i),t.CharPosAtLineNum(i+1)-t.CharPosAtLineNum(i)).ReplaceAll(EndOfLine,"")
  Return lines
End Function