Bug in reloading external script can cause crash

Today i saved my Xojo Project as usual in Xojo Project (Txt) Format, while quitting Xojo.
Now when i try to open my Project, Xojo crashes while loading it and on the next Xojo Launch i can file a FR for a “Crash near _CFRelease” crash.
I already deleted the ui_state File, cleared the Xojo Caches and copied the Project to another location. But i can’t open the project anymore. A private FR has been opened.

Has anyone else ever seen this and knows how to fix it please?

Can you add JUST the xojo_project file so I can look at it ?
The crash log tells me where it crashed but not why

Of course Norman. Thank you for your kind help. :slight_smile:

Can you also send the Build Automation.xojo_code
The error seems to be in here
Still not sure what
HOWEVER, this suggests that to be able to get your project open that you can replace it with an empty one for now


I realize this breaks your build script but until I can sort out what the issue is this is JUST a work around
An empty build automation file should look like

#tag BuildAutomation
			Begin BuildStepList Linux
				Begin BuildProjectStep Build
			Begin BuildStepList Mac OS X
				Begin BuildProjectStep Build
			Begin BuildStepList Windows
				Begin BuildProjectStep Build
#tag EndBuildAutomation

Definitely a bug in the IDE handling of reloading the External Script

Workaround as this is definitely a bug

  1. open the build automation item in a text editor
  2. remove from
    Begin ExternalIDEScriptStep AWSkript
    to the following END (about 3 lines further)
  3. save
  4. reopen your project
  5. add a new IDE script (not an external one as thats the bug)
  6. copy the contents of AWSkript into that script
  7. Save

This is intended ONLY to be a workaround until this bug is fixed

Done as you said and it’s fixed!

Thank you SO much Norman! :smiley:

This one is quite specific
It has to be a reference to an external script that cant be referenced by a partial path because its located on a different volume etc
And it has to be a text project (not binary or xml)
If this script were right next to your project & external it would be fine

Fun part is this doesn’t look like a regression as this should be the case going back to about 2015r3 or so