Bug in ListBox.CellBackgroundPaint ?

I notice that the full width of the ListBox is not being painted when columns are resized.
A resize of the listbox (even 1 pixel) fixes the problem, but it’s a bit of a kludge.

I have tried invalidate, refresh, all sorts of things, but nothing but a resize seems to correct the issue.

Is the graphics property being passed to ListBox.CellBackgroundPaint not being updated properly when columns are resized?
(Xojo: Account Login)>]Looks like this is a known bug, but still seems to be broken?

Here’s what this looks like on my LB.

Anyone found a better workaround?

If it is always the last column that is the problem, does adding an extra (effectively unused) column, of width 1 ,at the end, help in any way?

In your case, creating an extra “spacer” blank column of size “*” could help?

Good suggestions. I’ll give that a try.