Bug found: Windows and OS X

I’ve found that on both Windows and OS X I can crash Xojo with a few simple steps. Even with a brand new, fresh project:

  1. Create a new class (Class1)
  2. Give it a custom event definition (in my case, “Action”)
  3. Make its super a ContainerControl
  4. Drag it to Window1
  5. Right click on it and assign event handler for “Action”
  6. If I ever try to inspect my Class11 in Window1’s controls then Xojo crashes.

Maybe I shouldn’t be adding custom event defitions to ContainerControls? I’m not sure. I couldn’t find a bug report section in the channels, but I did file a bug report in the program itself.

I managed to find a workaround to the problem. Instead of creating a class and THEN making its super ContainerControl, I should be creating a ContainerControl and then customising that to suit my own needs.