Bug? (Cocoa) Bevelbutton does sometimes not fire. Anyone else?

Has anyone else seen this misbehavior, where clicking a Bevelbutton doesn’t fire its Action event?

In my case, it’s a “Normal Bevel” with type “Sticky”.

When clicked, the button always changes its appearance to “pressed”, but sometimes does not call the Action event then.

Works fine in RB 2012r2 with Cocoa, BTW.

I am looking for a work-around so that I can release a cocoanized Find Any File soon.

Seems R3 introduced new ButtonBevel bugs:



That Bevelbutton bug is rather old, though, and the one in the forum post seems unrelated.

I had run into a different Bevelbutton issue with Xojo r1 or r2, so it’s definetely flaky.

I’m looking for a work-around now, though, not for confirmation.

Make your own canvas based and waiting for R3.1

Rick, waiting for 3.1 would only make sense if there was a feedback report with a reproducible description of this issue. Since no one seems to have seen this issue but me, that’s kind of pointless, don’t you agree?

I’ll unzip my argument: The first part of my argument was “Make your own canvas based, working button, and as you say you found a bug, this is a workaround while the native one is not working”, the second part is “As a bug, you probably made or will make a feedback report. Joining this bug to some severe reports of bugs related to threads I saw since R3 release, probably a new fast release is coming because R3 compiled programs are affecting systems using excessive CPU without no reason. After the BevelButton correction, use the native corrected one instead of your workaround”. :slight_smile: