Bug Bash 10 bugs limit

How are you going to limit the nominations to 10 per user?
Just the first 10?
Ask users that have more than 10 nominations to remove some? all and start over?
Are MVPs exempt of this limit?

Personally, I lean a bit strict on read the rules first. I would be upset to learn that people aren’t respecting this.

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When I first read the blog I didn’t see the 10 nominations limit. Maybe it was not there and some people already nominated more than 10.
I see one MVP that nominated more than 20 issues one day ago.

That’s why I’m asking.

PS I haven’t nominated a case yet.

If it were me, they would lose all nominations. That just ruins the whole thing for everyone.

How can any of us expect our nominations to be looked at if they’re buried under people who don’t care for the rules.


We do state that you can nominate up to ten cases. If you go over you will be asked to remove some of your nominations so you only have ten. Failure to do so may mean you will not be able to participate and all of your nominations removed.

MVPs are not exempt from this.