Browser is not supported message on cloud

We’ve developed a small web app to capture 4 variables sent over http from an older application developed using BR. It’s an older software package that doesn’t support anything but HTTP.

When running the Xojo web app in debug or as a stand alone app, I get don’t have the problem. but when the app is deployed to the cloud, I get the html message:

Your browser is not supported. Please try using one of these other browsers:

    Note: I’ve deployed with 2015r2.4 and 2015r4.1

And which browser (and it’s version) did you use ?


Not using a browser, using an old inhouse developed application to transfer variables over HTTP to the webapp. But as I said, it works fine if the webapp is in debug or stand alone

Return True in AllowUnsupportedBrowser and the problem will go away.

Thanks, I should have seen that.

That’s one way to do it but I would not. Actual users whose browsers do not support the JavaScript will not get good results. Instead in your HTTP calls attach a “User-Agent” header and copy a known user agent from chrome or Firefox (Google for them). This will trick the Xojo web app into handling your request without affecting legitimate users with older browsers or with JavaScript turned off.

I work with Jeff. Took us awhile to figure out how to make the old software set a USER-AGENT but followed your advice Phillip and eventually got it to work without having to set AllowUnsupportedBrowser.