Browser Console

Hi all,

I just created a simple web app with just one label on the main page. The console shows:

Q1. What is the “push” action is about, it keeps on “pushing” and takes up to 3 minutes per action
Q2. The name of the WebControl, I believe is encrypted, how can I decrypt it so I can match with the project so I can have some hint of whats going on with my app?

In this case each browser makes a connection to the server and keeps it open in anticipation of getting new data. Once the connection reaches the Timeout or data comes in from the server, it closes and the browser creates a new one. This is how the framework sends data to a browser if there’s no events going on at any given time. Different browsers have adopted different protocols over the years to reduce the strain on the servers and we’ve tried to keep up where we can, so this mechanism may change over time.

It’s not encrypted per se. Each Control is given a unique random identifier when it is created. You can access these identifiers at runtime by calling a control’s ControlID() method.