Browser-Cache Issues (crashes)

After adding certain UI-Elements to a WebApp, the Browser crashes. The problem is the browser-cache.
I have added a HTML-Header to disable the cache, but that’s not working in most browsers.

Any trick to avoid this? We cannot tell all our customers to empty their browser-caches all the time, it’s not practical and looks like we have bugs in our Apps, which isn’t the case.

What version of Xojo are you using? And which browsers?

I had this issue as well as you can see from this thread:

One of the other forum members here suggested this… (Not sure if the recent release of XoJo addressed this yet).

A short term solution is to add a page to your project that you don’t use for anything. Drag one of all the controls available to it. That way when the compiler builds your app the Javascript it outputs has all the controls available (since they existed somewhere in your project). That way when you add things the javascript is the same and the browser cache works.

So Mike, what version of The IDE are you running?

@Greg O’Lone looks like he’s running the most current one based off the discussion from this message board: