Bring Specific Application to Front

Hello everyone,

I need to create a helper application, that will “coordinate” a few other application, one main that is not written in Xojo, and a few extension/helper applications written in Xojo. What I need this helper application to do is to open / close / minimize / restore / maximize / bring-to-front an application. My only problem is in the case that I want to bring an application to front (that is already running). Is there any way to do it?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Hope it serves:

on Windows?
check this module:

We have a WinBringWindowToTop function:

WinBringWindowToTop(WindowHandle as integer, SetFocus as boolean = true) as boolean

Thank you Ramon,
I will check it out!

Christian your suggestion works like a charm.

Strange I didn’t see it when I was searching MBS Plugins !!!

Thank you.