Branched video application

Hi, I need to create an educational piece of software to teach medical students effective team communication skills.

I am thinking of either branched video app or branched animation. Animation would be better in terms of maintenance - no need to find actors if something needs to be re-done.

Since I have not found yet an easy to use animation package that does not require a subscription, I am leaning toward a branched video approach.

I plan to have a video player in the window and when the video stops playing, the users will have options similar to this list:

  1. administer medication
  2. order labs
  3. order ECG
  4. order imaging studies
  5. request consultation
  6. repeat vital signs
  7. keep observing the patient
  8. review patient’s history
  9. ask the patient how he/she is doing
  10. ask a nurse for an update
  11. wash my hands
  12. put on mask
  13. check IV line
  14. call for security
  15. review the post-op wound
  16. call for help

One answer from the list will be the best choice, two or three will be correct but not the best, for the rest choices there will be a standard answer “No, I would not do that at this time!”

All the answers will be provided in a form of a short video clip.

The main question that I have is that if I should create a desktop application or a web application.

With my previously created web apps, I’ve struggled a lot when about 70 students use a web application at the same time.

We had a long discussion about XOJO web apps on this forum about six months ago, and I believe the consensus was that XOJO in its current form is not ready for developing web apps that are going to be used by a large number of people at the same time.

Does this statement remains to be true?

Should I create a desktop app for this project?

Developing will be done on a Mac, and the apps will be compiled for Mac and for PC. The most recent XOJO version will be used.

Any advise is highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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HI, Stephane,

Yes, chest compression should be one of them.

70 students at once should not be a big problem, I think. You could try to have multiple instances of the web-app running. Using a load-balancer will direct the user to the right instance.

Well, a desktop version could help the user-limits of a web-app. But, the user would have to install an app. Using a webapp makes it more friendly to the user.

You could upload the videos to a video-platform, like Youtube or Vimeo.

Less space needed on the computer or server.

Network connection required. This is the same for web-apps, though.

I made something like this a long time ago.
This is what my app was like:

You could make this more dynamic. I mean, you could have a simple SQLite database (or any db could actually work).
In this DB you can have a table that holds information of a project (series of questions).
In another table you have information to videos or animation, and a reference to the first table (project).
In another table you have records for the option list items. Each item will have a score. Like 10 = best choice. 0 = not good at all. This table holds a reference to the table with the videos.

  • The user opens a project (stored in the 1st table)
  • The first video plays. (stored in 2nd table)
  • When the video is done, a collection of options will be shown (found in the 3rd table)
  • The user picks an option.
  • The app will show a message like “No, I would not do that at this time!”
  • The app will move to the next video (from the 2nd table )
  • If the last video was played, the user would see the result, in like a list of the user’s answers and some comments.

These comments can be set in the first table. This way the app is dynamic. And you can add, or change any projects, videos or option lists.

In the 2nd table, the table that holds the URL for the media, you could add a field that specifies the type of media. This way your app can decide what playback control the app needs to use to show the media. This could be a photo (use canvas, or ImageWell), Audio (use sound class) or video (use Youtube Player).

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