Boston recommendations

So, yet again, fate has decreed that I must again miss XDC, although this year it’s not because my wife was inconsiderately having babies. In fact we had planned to make a whole trip out of it, with a day or two either side of the conference but alas something has come up and in a couple of weeks I will be in Boston for a few days. I swear blind that nothing will get in the way of next year’s XDC.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the States but I’ve never been to Boston so I’m asking you wonderful people, who I know to be worldly, intelligent (and susceptible to flattery) for any recommendations - eateries, things to do, things to drink etc. Any ideas gratefully received.

Quincy Market
Freedom Trail
Prudential Tower
Boston Commons
Take one of the Duck Tours :slight_smile:
Fenway, Foxborough

Sam Adams Brewery

but don’t worry about all the American History related items… those darn colonists anyway

Well if it was spring or summer I would suggest a Duck Boat tour… I’ve lived in the area since 1973 (came here for school and never left the area) but I never did much of the tourist stuff so don’t know what to suggest.

If you are into sports the Celtics (Basketball) or the Bruins (Hockey) may be in town … and of course there are a lot of colleges here so they may have sporting events as well you may be interested in.

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Mayflower in Plymouth (south of Boston)
The Witch city Salem and Rockport (north of Boston)
Boston Harbor (tea party)
The Charles River walk, a really cool way to see Boston and Cambridge-MIT
Back Bay
Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown
Navy Yard with the USS Constitution (ship)

I am not sure about the Prudential tower or Gilette stadium though.

[quote=424378:@Alfred Van Hoek]Mayflower in Plymouth (south of Boston)
The Witch city Salem and Rockport (north of Boston)
The Witch thing in Salem is pretty much tourist trap stuff IMO. Rockport is nice but really more of summer thing to do IMO as are a lot of teh other things you mentioned , at least for me.

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I was thinking about doing the Harpoon brewery tour instead.

[quote=424378:@Alfred Van Hoek]
Boston Harbor (tea party)[/quote]
I see there’s a tea party re-enactment ship thing there in the harbor, but it looks like a total tourist trap unless someone knows differently?

Great, thanks. I think we will do that and get an obligatory snap at Fenway Park, while on the way to the Paradise Rock club for a gig on the Saturday night.

One of the best recommendations I ever got was in Chinatown, NYC, many years ago. We were sitting in some dive basement restaurant place and everyone was sharing tables etc. We got chatting to this local couple - the husband was hesitant to share ideas of where we should go as he (understandably) didn’t want his favorite places turning into tourist places but the wife was more willing to assist us (the beer might have helped). They actually conferred with each other before deciding to relent and telling us about their favourite NYC pub. He was right, it’s a great place and we still go there every single time we are in NYC for a cheeseburger and a couple of beers.

I much prefer getting recommendations from real people instead of guidebooks etc.

why not both? :slight_smile:

Lots of great choices, here are 3 recommendations:

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Down the Road Brewery and Tap Room
Pinball !!

Have a great trip!

New England Aquarium near Long Wharf.

Every Italian restaurant on Hanover Street in the North End. Oh, and wave at the Coast Guard base at the North end of Hanover (my old haunt).