Bookmarks suggestions

This post is not intended to discredit the existing bookmarks feature, which is a great addition to the IDE, but rather to rally support for the following feature request:


A problem with the bookmarks mechanism in its current state, is that search results replaces the list of bookmarks, requiring that the user needs to re-select “Project > Bookmarks > Show All” each time after a search. Also, when the bookmarks are shown, the search results are lost. This becomes very tedious very quickly.

A possible solution to the problem is to show the list of bookmarks in its own separate view:

A benefit of the above suggested solution is that bookmarks can now be accessed with one single click, instead of three clicks (Projects>Bookmarks>ShowAll), and that search results and bookmarks no longer interfere with each other.

Attaching a shortcut key (e.g. F2) to step through the list of bookmarks, will also greatly polish the use of bookmarks.

Please throw some points at the feedback ticket above, if you are a user of bookmarks, and think these suggestions will improve the user experience.

Makes sense and hopefully not too bad for Xojo to implement. As much as I want to use the bookmarks I find the disruption you mention intolerable.

I threw 75 points at it.

It’s my top case now.

It should make things much easier if we can access the bookmarks quickly.

Today again, the Bookmark management is painful… It is not possible that a development platform can’t integrate this functionality decently, which is perhaps the most used by the code writer.

Read this: