Boning up on RegEx'es

I’m pretty Tom Cullen on RegEx’es, which I’m trying to remedy.

I found a Lynda course called “Using Regular Expressions with Kevin Skoglund” and I’d like something I can flop on the couch watching.

Anyone know if that’s any good?

M-o-o-n, that spells RegEx :smiley:

I learned about them from this site:

Enough that I wrote an app, RegExRX. Download that, then go through that site and try stuff out. Also check out the free samples I provide as they cover a lot of different uses.

Finally, I write a column about regular expressions in XDev Magazine, and the last two (which are also the first two) provide groundwork on the basics.

Already found that one Kem, and I agree it’s very good.

I also have the owl book (Mastering Regular Expressions) that I’m taking out big chunks off when time permits, but I also want something with moving pictures :smiley:

Thanks much for the link to the app and article, I’ll try that out on my notebook tonight.