Bold in a MessageDialog?

I apologize if this has already been addressed. Search didn’t show anything relevant that I could see.
I’d just like to know if it’s possible to use bold in a MessageDialog. If so, how?

I do not found that, but why don’t you create your own ?

Display a window (at your size) with a Canvas and display the text with all available Gaphics properties.

IF you use two newline characters to separate , the top text is bold on Mac.

MsgBox "Hello"+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+"World"

The things one never knew even after years of use continues to amaze me…

Using a typical window would only work for me if I can auto-size it to fit the content. This is being used in place of a helptag fly-out.

Thanks, but I already knew about the upper line effect on Mac. I’m not building for Mac though.

you can use the messagedialog class

the “message” property appears in bold
the “explaination” property appears in normal text

it works on mac win linux

edit: sorry it is bold on mac only !

I rephrase it:

The things I do not understand at first read surprise me each time that arrives. I am even able to read the first part of a sentence and skip the second part.

In that case, I was taking for certain that the "String Title in Bold" + EndOfLine + EndOfLine +_ // etc. was a community base knowledge (and/or my brain was in the clouds).

The double EndOfLine information is in the MsgBox ’sLT entry. (but I do not read it before sending my previous message).


By the way: while we are at unkown stuff, do you know you can copy/paste each lines of a text MsgBox (in MacOS, not checked on other platforms) ?

Useful for reports / debug (even if MsgBox do not have to be used for debug).