Boarderlining of a Textfield while you are in that textfield

I tried many ways to change the border of a text Field, from css to style
but i dont know how it can stay bold if you are in there typing
can anyone help me please?

What do you mean ?

i know you can change the border of a textfield if you hover over the field so it would look bigger but how can you make it permanent if you are typing something in it?

like you want to order a newsletter,
if you are in the box, the black line shows with a blue border but how can you make it by typing instead of just hovering?


what do you mean by focus?

i mean, the focus ring is always blue bit i want the borders to appear bigger in black instead of the blue focus ring

Use a Webstyle to set the border to the color and the size you want. I tried a green border 3 points wide, looks OK to me but you can make it 10 points if you want.

Of course, switch off the focus ring.

i made my own webstyle to set a border but i want to have a different border when the filed is chosen

Then you just switch webstyle in the GotFocus event.