BNF and/or Formal Language Definition

Still on the track of converting some (in fact a lot of) C# to Xojo I am looking for a definition of the Xojo (or former RB/RS) language. Can anyone point me to a source for the information?

There is no formal definition of the Xojo language at this time. For now, you’ll have to rely on the Language Reference.

Can you give a bit of information about why you’d like to see a formal grammar?

Hi Joe
Sure, I was asking about a feature to add a whole class editing window (link quoted below) as I have lots of C# that I would like to port to Xojo and generally I am more accustomed to writing code this way.

So I thought why not write a simple editor (in C#) that can work more like one I am used to (Visual Studio), add syntax colouring and some basic code analysis so I can spot simple mistakes before I open up the code files back in Xojo. Hence the BNF rules question (and the XML question that you have answered elsewhere).