Blurry Text on Retina Displays


I know that the Xojo IDE is not Retina-enabled as yet (although it can be improved with the free Retinizer app) but is there a way to make at least the text of apps created with Xojo not unbearably blurry. As it stands, it’s unusable for me :frowning:

You need to use Cocoa target and add a build script to set the flag for the app:

Answered on Christmas Day. What a champion!


Hey Christian stole my script! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thom, I love it so much, I put it in every app and my FAQ.

Where do I put Christian’s / Thom’s code?

It is a build script, so add it as a build step.

So, Insert > Build Step > Script, then add that code into the script.
Then compile my app as normal, resulting in my apps text being extra clear on a Retina screen - is that correct?

Yes. But of course, you need to test this by enabling Retina on your screen.

I have no retina screen :frowning:

What we need is an “Xojo University” where various industious members of this forum can post white papers on topics like

a) How to make your app Retina Ready
b) Your App vs MAS


Yes I know almost (if not all of the information is here)… but putting it in one place, where it can be indexed, updated etc… might lead to less repeat questions, and frustration from other users trying to piece instructions together, especially when sometimes it is difficult to tell if the topic you are ready has the latest (most correct) version of the solution.

Exactly Dave.
I always try to work stuff out myself, but the help and documentation seems to be a little too convoluted.

There is the Language Reference, The User Guide, The Programming With Xojo book, Webinars, Example projects, Forum Users Recommendations, etc. etc.

Sometimes it is hard to get up-to-date, best method advice, without having to ask lots of questions.

For example,
I will SOON be looking into the MAS - but it seems soooo complicated, and so many considerations, that I have no idea where to even start?

A step-by-step guide (good for novices), could go through the process of visiting the Apple site; How to set up a developer account; What code signing actually means; What the developer certificates actually do; What considerations regarding your app need to be considered; What size images are required for the MAS etc. etc. etc.

That ONE STOP resource could be updated as-and-when required, and make it easy for anyone to be able to achieve success.
This would prevent hundreds of repetitive questions being asked by hundreds of users.

I am even happy to host this info on my site, but unfortunately, I cannot help with creating the guides as I am only a novice myself.

If someone knowledgeable is altruistic enough to spend a little of their spare time to contribute to the guide - I am sure that would be greatly appreciated by hundreds of less knowledgeable users.

Saying that, I fully appreciate that many people do not have the time or inclination to do so.
If anyone is interested, then simply send me the info and I will throw something together, which can then be updated / modified by other contributors.

The guide would however, need to be a STEP-BY-STEP guide from beginning to end, in order to benefit the novices who are probably the ones most interested.

Just my 2 cents worth :slight_smile:

Precisely… along with information that shows differnces to those steps based on the version of XOJO and/or version of OSX/WIN

And I am advocating an all platforms resource. Where each paper would indicate if something were platform specific…
For example… Instructions for MAS are OSX specific… but another paper could detail similar steps for the WinApp store etc.

And it should NOT be hosted in something like GITHUB… it should be more “library” style (as in a book library that is)

Do you mean a physical book?
I was thinking of creating a pdf file with the step-by-step actions needed to successfully get an app in the MAS.

The problem is - I have no idea myself :slight_smile:
I am happy to create the pdf in an eye pleasing, easy to read style - but just need some contributions from everyone else.

No… not a physical book… a virtual “library”… but in the metaphor of a book library.

FYI… I have started a new thread to discuss this… so as to not hijack this one any more

You don’t need a Retina screen, you just need to activate Retina mode via XCode. Makes Xojo pretty much unusable on my old Cinema Display. But for testing it was good enough.

Any links to how I do that?

There is a library already: Xojo Developer Magazine

This is an option in App Wrapper and App Wrapper Mini, which can also help you with building Sandbox applications and then publishing to the Mac App Store.

[quote=55003:@Christian Schmitz]You need to use Cocoa target and add a build script to set the flag for the app:[/quote]

the script is

Dim App As String = CurrentBuildLocation + "/" + CurrentBuildAppName + ".app"
Call DoShellCommand("/usr/bin/defaults write " + App + "/Contents/Info ""NSHighResolutionCapable"" YES)

am I right in thinking that script assuming you’re running in a unix/MAC environment?
if so what is the equivalent for us poor win doze people? :slight_smile: