Blurry Text in Windows with OS Fractional Zooms

I get blurry text in my custom listbox class on Windows with OS fractional zooms of 125%, 150% etc.

The app is HiDPI enabled and I use BitmapForCaching. Works fine for 100% and 200%.

The class creates a row pic and draws the text to that before drawing the pic to the screen in the CellBackgroundPaint event, returning true for that event and CellTextPaint event which it also bypasses. Works fine if you render text in the CellTextPaint event using g.DrawString() but not to the picture first.

Currently using 2017 R 1.1. Is there any improvement on this in the latest release?

From my experience, rendering to fractional zooms on WIndows is greatly improved in 2018r4. Download and try it. You can always run in the IDE before upgrading.

Thanks, Jim. I’ll check it out.