Bluetooth Mac Remote?

Does anyone know of a utility or some other method that I can pair my iPhone with my Mac via Bluetooth for the purpose of controlling a Keynote (and, ideally, PowerPoint) presentation? All the utilities I’ve found seem to want to communicate through WiFi, but I sometimes have to present in locations without WiFi.

Or, am I missing something incredibly obvious?

I once used a Wiimote and a piece of software that took button presses and made them mouse clicks (thereby advancing the slide)

I believe with iOS 8 and Yosemite this will be possible.


There a bunch on the app store

[quote=112932:@Norman Palardy]HippoRemote

There a bunch on the app store[/quote]

Thank you Norman, but as I said in my original post, I am looking for a Bluetooth solution because WiFi is not always available for me to use.

Interesting, but I’d prefer to do this with the hardware I already have and not have to purchase something new.

Apple blocks iOS apps from using the “normal” (classic) Bluetooth functions, so there’s no way an app can pair with the Mac this way, unless you jailbreak the iPhone (then, I believe, there are apps in Cydia that can do this).

There is some other way, in theory: The new “bluetooth LE” protocol is a totally different protocol, and that can be used by any iOS app without Apple’s approval. However, it’s quite slow and is meant for things like controlling - in fact, exactly what you want. But for this to work you need both devices to support BtLE - and older Macs don’t do that, for instance.

But if yours does, and the iPhone as well (needs to be 4s or later, I believe), then you might find something for that, or you could write it yourself :wink:

For jailbroken device :

But why not bring your own WiFi ? Given the ridiculously low price of WiFi routers today, just add the box to your presentation gear, plug it in and there, you got your own Wifi.

I have seen routers for less than $20 dollars here :

I particularly like the HooToo TripMate Nano Wireless N Pocket Travel Router.

Well, I’m not jailbreaking my phone just for this. I may simply have to go with a separate router. I just really didn’t want to have ANOTHER piece of hardware to carry around. However, the router that Michel pointed out looks somewhat interesting.

Thanks for the discussion and suggestions all!

Just have your Mac act as an access point. It is fairly easy to do then you have WIFI anywhere.