bluetooth API?

I want to develop an application (iPhone) that is meant to be used by two devices in close proximity.
I considered broadcasting a UDP message with a magic packet that the applications would recognize as a message for them.
For this to work as I see it the two devices would have to be on the same WiFi network but doesn’t seem likely and defeats the purpose of proximity.
However if it were done over bluetooth then proximity would be covered. However I’m not sure how to broadcast a blue tooth packet or if such a messaging scheme is available for applications to utilize, particularly in iOS and Xojo.

It’s available in iOS. Currently not possible (as far as I can figure) in Xojo because it uses preemptive threads.

This is yet another one of the sorely missing pieces in Xojo iOS.

The December 2014 feature request <> is currently 84th.

Well assuming we do get this implemented eventually… Would you at least agree that this is the right approach given the requirements described?

I guess what you need is access to the iOS Multipeer Connectivity Framework.

too common a response :frowning:

[quote=262914:@Ulf Söderberg]I guess what you need is access to the iOS Multipeer Connectivity Framework.[/quote]
Indeed I tried this but because of its async nature there were significant problems.

Let us be realistic, here. The iOS platform exists on devices that have very standard specs. Most apps make use of one or several of these.

  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Rings
  • Camera
  • Sound
  • Sound recording
  • BlueTooth
  • Accelerometer/Gyro
  • Barometer
  • GPS
  • Fingerprint
  • Battery level

Now, which are those supported by Xojo iOS ? Very sad…

next release seems to be focused on iOS.
let’s hope your list will reduce in some month(s) ?

When Xojo iOS came about over a year ago, I was hopeful it would rapidly evolve. Today I am way more pessimistic.

It is a pity, when iOS represents some 25 times the OS X market, and cannot be overlooked by any serious company willing to have a future.

My opinion… Declares are like “Bondo”, they should be used to fill in small holes and cracks in the XOJO infrastructure, they should not be used as a major structure elements… just as you would not build an entire car out of “Bondo”

for those not familar with “Bondo” :slight_smile:

It’s a “framework” - like scaffolding that others can build on
And that design has, in many ways, panned out reasonably well with Jean Paul’s extensions + iOSLIb

The intent with the iOS framework was two fold

  1. that WE could use the framework + declares + native code to extend it & add to it
    This is the part that has been delayed to meet other pressing priorities
    Being able to write the framework using Xojo itself is useful & there are components in our product that are already done this way.

  2. that users could use the framework + declares to extend the framework like Jean Paul, Ulrich & Jason have

There ARE definitely areas where native code IS required where there is simply no way you can do it with JUST declares (preemptive threads are one)
We need to put in those pieces that are impossible for you to do with declares
But we’re unlikely to ever put “everything plus the kitchen sink” in the framework
There are things that are so niche that it makes no sense for us to - but a third party should be able to

Then many more of the things listed as shortcoming can be addressed either by us OR third parties
Having a design that makes it possible for anyone (us or third parties) to extend the framework is a good thing

[quote=263015:@jean-paul devulder]using all free classes, (my classes,ulrich,jason,michel and many others)

you reduce seriously the difference with (objc/switch) developers[/quote]

I agree, and have many a time recommended all. That does not exempt Xojo from providing a more decent product.

If RealBasic had been in such a dismal state back in 2002, I would have not even started to work with it. Come on : not even the most elementary properties in most controls, not even the most common controls, I can accept the scaffolding image, but not with missing bolts…

Of course, there will always be missing parts for esoteric things. There still are today in Xojo Desktop after 20 years. But at least in Desktop you have enough to address the hardware in a decent manner. And controls have the minimum properties and methods.

JUST FYI - REALbasic was already 5 years old as REALBasic + about 18 months before that as CrossBasic

I will never pretend to know what CrossBasic has been. I can only talk about what I know. I have no idea if CrossBasic was not able to print, or had so few controls.

For the moment, Xojo iOS has a tart aftertaste. I may become more palatable in 4 years. In Internet years, though, five is not infancy, it is plain adulthood.

iOS is still basically a “1.0” release.
We get that people would like to have everything + kitchen sink in it for a 1.0 release.
That’s not realistic - for ANY company.

That we haven’t been able to spend the time we planned on expanding & enhancing it as intended is unfortunate.
But we did have to shift priorities.
All those things we didn’t know we didn’t know and sometimes they bite you in the rear end and you HAVE to do something about them which means other things get delayed.
We can’t change history.
All we can do is move forward from where we are now.

End of my participation in this thread as its wandered VERY far from the original topic

Not asking for the kitchen sink…

Just hoping Xojo iOS will be as complete as B4i soon.