bluecolin site

What about Bluecolin ?


What about it? Relevance for Xojo? Why would I want to click on it?

it used to be the company that sell RB Package Maker

might be a good idea to remove it from the xojo 3rd party product page.

Domain expired. I guess the inclusion of App Wrapper in the last Omegabundle proved decisive …

This make me sad, I met Ingo Molitor (the author of RB Package Maker) at XDC this year and it’s a very smart guy. Perhaps ask to him about this. Here it’s the main web site:

It could also be that the he forgot to renew the domain…

I’m checking with Ingo now…

hi paul,

isn’t blueintelligence used to send out newsletter every week about the RS forum last year??

Hi Paul,
did you checked ?
So, I bought RB Package Maker Studio from them…
This mean that will no longer updated ?