Bloomberg confirms that there is no macOS team anymore.

If everyone in the Linux community would get their head out of their asses, and work together instead of making 750 distros… with varying issues of compatibility with repositories, etc… Figure out whether they want to use Weyland or Mir, or revamp xOrg, or whatever. We wouldn’t have to worry about Apple or Microsoft anymore.

Typically a Linux Mint user, and that is the real irritation when it comes to Linux, no real direction. Too many people trying to go too many different ways.

“Bloomberg confirms that there is no macOS team anymore” - then you could also say they confirm there’s no iOS team anymore. There’s just an OS team with shifting priorities.

Makes sense to me, seeing as much of the cores of macOS, iOS et al, are the same. It’s the UI components that remain separate.

Come on Sam, you clearly want to go to the dark side, just go :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a little bit with Sam here. My frustrations towards Apple are growing. Waiting for new hardware that never comes at same time they talk of sales in desktop dropping. Of course it drops when some like me would have bought twice during the time of waiting if there was something to buy.

I think their also on very thin Ice with the whole iOS devices. Android devices now-days are really great there is nothing wrong with them. I buy Apple devices still for the total experience. But wait…There are no modern computers in that chain of total experience.

Another thing that makes the iOS concept shaky is the App store and the restrictions. You have basically the App store and Enterprise distribution. Lets say I make Einhugur Bug Base App for my users, Apple App store will almost certainly reject it, its to narrow focused app for them to want it in the App Store. Enterprise license does not cut it, my users are not part of my “Enterprise”. This is small scale example but yet very real I know of very big companies that have been jumping board because of this, they just cannot get their Apps out. They struggled for a while since iOS had good market share, because thats what the customer wanted, iPhone. But this has been changing, more and more customers do not care if they get iPhone or Google Pixel or whatever Android phone, as long as they get the App that they requested for whatever business they are in. And at same time Apple is better almost all their resources into the iOS platform, neglecting the total experience which is what made many users actually care if it was Android driven device or iOS.

The thing is strategically it makes sense, the 4 different OSes have the same core, however you have 4 different products that this one OS controls. With only one team you also can’t have much innovation, hey I got this great idea for the Mac, but that wouldn’t work on the watch, Oh well…

It also explains why the quality in OS versions across all platforms has dropped, it’s hard for one team to focus on each platform and fix bugs for that one platform, which may then break other platforms.

They should have a Core team, which focus on things like the kernel and Core Foundation, but then you NEED separate teams for each device. The iOS team ONLY work on iOS, the macOS team only on the Mac, you get the idea. Overlapping functionality between platforms can be united, but it should come from the more powerful and flexible system first, work it down, not try to then work it up.

That’s the thing, I don’t wanna go dark side. I don’t want to invest in Windows, I don’t want to buy some junk hardware. But when Apple don’t make machines that can do the job, that I’ve been doing for 20 odd years, I get sad. Sadness leads to frustration, frustration leads to anger…

I’ve been vocal, I’ve written long letters to Tim Cook and lastly I’m withholding my hard earned cash from Apple, I love the idea of a maxxed out MBP (with 32GB of RAM) and a huge one or two screens (although I would prefer a 21:9 display, which from what I’ve been reading is not support on Sierra, but is on El Cap). I can’t invest in a MBP when it has the same limitation as my current machine. I’ve even considered buying an iMac and using that as my main machine, but for $4000 (to get the 32GB RAM) to buy a machine that’s 14 months old it doesn’t settle well. Likewise with a Mac Pro, I just can’t bring myself to pay full price for a 3 year old machine.

So my plan is to make 2017 the last year I create macOS only applications, it’s going to be hard, but I’m going to wean my self off Apple’s APIs and take advantage of Xojo’s power. By 2018, I hope to be supporting Windows and Android as well as Apple’s OS. Then when Apple finally put the Mac out of it’s misery, it won’t destroy my business, and hopefully in the meantime I’ll be increasing my revenue as my apps will be x-plat.

This is funny and should be on the programming jokes thread
The whole point of Linux being open source is so if you cant find a distro you like you can fork & make your own
Its why the “Year of the Linux Desktop” has gone by at least 3 or 4 times

When it gets to the point I can say “Yeah I could give this to my mom & she would not be calling me all the time” then it might be for the average consumer (which far outnumber the geeks)
Until then Linux is a great server OS where you can expect to be a geek to use it
Or embedded stuff where a consumer NEVER has to touch it - just the UI for whatever the device is

The XDC App we made is in there and its arguably a similarly narrow focused app

Yet I work for very large company any almost every time we try to make Apps for single convention they reject it so that we wont invest in trying any more. Where the Android is risk free regarding this.

No idea why they accepted ours and reject yours
We pulled no strings that I’m aware of
We just update ours from year to year and have had no issues getting it submitted and approved
And we publish bug fixes for it
Its been there for the last few conventions

Google hasn’t started requiring everything to go through the Play store yet ?
You’d think after all the vulnerabilities they’ve had they would
But yes I do believe it is easier to publish an app for Android - but that does have risks for consumers - not for you

[quote=305191:@Norman Palardy]No idea why they accepted ours and reject yours
We pulled no strings that I’m aware of
We just update ours from year to year and have had no issues getting it submitted and approved
And we publish bug fixes for it
Its been there for the last few conventions[/quote]

I think it comes down to which reviewer you get. That again shows the whole problem. You risk your hard work to the luck of which reviewer you get. (that also goes for some more mainsteam apps)

Sure but there is an appeal process and you can do that

Both options (Apples & Googles) have risks
The questions is where the risks lie
With consumers who are ill equipped to deal with hacks crack malware etc ? Or with pissed off developers ?

Apple chose to put the onus on us developers and chose to make getting something from the store simple & largely “safe” (cant say perfectly safe as there have been some incidents) But its mostly safe to grab just about anything from the store as it wont be malware

Google chose to put that burden of “is this safe” on consumers and make it easy to put anything on your phone

And both choices have consequences

Personally I’m ok with the choice Apple made
Less so with Googles due to the experiences I’ve had with Android (and yes I’ll relay that if you care to but its long & ranting)

Could it be possibly because you work for a very large company and apple thinks you should be using enterprise distribution instead?

@Björn Eiriksson: what is “very large” for you?

I thought Apple had a provision for “large” companies that created narrow focus apps, either for internal use, or for their direct customers (a process that was outside the normal “retail” App Store)

Yeah… what Tim said.

[quote=305186:@Norman Palardy]This is funny and should be on the programming jokes thread
The whole point of Linux being open source is so if you cant find a distro you like you can fork & make your own
Its why the “Year of the Linux Desktop” has gone by at least 3 or 4 times[/quote]

That is one of the main points of Linux and open source. But there is still a problem… because a large number of people in the Linux community, want to see Linux more mainstream. You can still have your own distros, etc… but agree on using some things as a standard would be nice. Like my god, the crap with what we want to replace X with will drive you crazy. The packages that can break things will drive you crazy as well.

But as far as handing a Linux desktop to an average user…

I could hand over a computer running Linux Mint to most people I know with Cinnamon on it, and they would be fine. Throw a windows theme on it and they wouldn’t know the difference. But that is because 90% of them, stare at Facebook all day. They do nothing that isn’t browser based, so I wouldn’t really be getting a call. I’ve used just about everything, been a sysadmin for 100s of servers, RedHat flavors, Slack, all Debian based ones… etc…

But as far as desktop goes… Mint is a really easy transition for people. All the major browsers are there, Libre office is fine for most people, and that is about all they use. Because most of them have a gmail account, and don’t even know there are email clients like Thunderbird or even outlook lol.

But when we really think about it… Other then coders, gamers, and offices… The general population seems to be content with staring at a phone or pad, which I can’t stand. But then again, most of us here actually use computers as computers. The rest of the world is just our target audiences.

I always got a kick out of the Linux Sucks series of videos, mainly talks about the same things I have always been annoyed with.

MAC OS I haven’t really done much with other then a VM I have for testing Xojo stuff now… Linux, Windows I can do most things in my sleep. I will say one thing for MAC though, they dumbed everything down to where just about anyone with an iPhone can jump on a MAC now. But still left a *nix type environment, that power users can still use.

I guess the only thing I truly have against Microsoft or Apple anymore, is that they take so much from the Open Source world, modify it, and close it. But then again, it is the same catch 22 as with Linux. People would be going all over the place with changes to things, and their support costs would go up from wasted time, etc…

Have 2 Laptops running Mint, and one running Windows 10. Although, I have to say… Windows 10 really never screws up. Windows 7 never really did either. Actually never had any issues with 3.1,3.11,95,98,XP,7, or 10… only problem was Vista and ME.

MAC having the original heart of BSD, was much like Linux, with never having issues, that weren’t created by the user in most cases.

I used to own a computer shop years ago, and it really irritated me when people would bring in a computer for repair and say the computer was junk, when they just hosed the O.S.

Because of the world being mainly Mobile devices anymore, I can understand why there is less interest in constantly redefining the desktop. But the desktop is where all the things for Mobile are made… so they have to take a break from Mobile now and then, and keep us all moving forward.

Ahhh… babbling now… sorry… time to get back to work lol.

Except for the missing OS updates a few months down the line and therefore security.

I know he chef of a big hospital (he is married to a close friend of mine and doesn’t like me very much) who was very big on “standards” and wanted to move the whole organisation to paperless. He wanted Android … until he looked into security. Then everyone got iPhones and Android devices were banned from the network. For at home he also bought his first Mac and moved everyone to iPhones too.

My physical therapist doesn’t use computers anymore. She does EVERYTHING on her mobile phone. Including online banking. She had to replace her credit cards twice because someone hacked into her account. For some bizarre reason she never made the connection to her Android phone …

The Raspberry Pi Foundation have now released Raspbian+Pixel for PC and MAC. It’s currently in the form of a live distro with persistence but they have said they’ll make it installable if there’s enough demand.

At this moment it’s classed as a prototype but they’re asking for feedback before deciding whether to commit to it long term, so if you want the Linux community to “get their head out of their asses” this could be your chance to influence them. If you look at the comments section at the bottom of the blog post you’ll see one of the Pixel developers is an active participant in the discussion so why not get involved?

Probably best not to mention the a.s.s thing though :wink:

When you go to an Apple Store (a physical one) and ask because you have a trouble running your macOS, what cab be the answer you get ?

We can start to talk after this kind of visit.

A single answer:
I had (and still have) problems with the macOS I run (and before that with many OS X versions) because I have hard disks, CDs with years of works / hobbies data. As an example, I have an application that receive an image and create it resized to 4 different sizes. Some years ago, I went to my local Apple Store and displayed the results of this operation: drop a large image into my application and let the Apple Store guy (it was a guy) what happens: the source/target folder contents was sorted alphabetically.
I took some minutes to explain the guy, then move the icons where I want them to be, deleted the generated images and start back the process: same result. Answer: it’s a bug in the Finder. Years ago. Sometimes, nowadays, when I open a folder, I found its contents… sorted alphabetically.

Did you have bugs of this kind in iPads / iPhones ?

We are living some sad times.

Very interesting. Very ugly.

(Ugliness is the main problem of non-Mac OS’s and software IMHO)