[Blog Post] Xojo Web: What to Do After You Click Build

Inspired by Susan’s business tips and the success of Bob’s blog, I have finally published my first blog post! I’ve seen a number of questions about deploying Xojo Web today, so it’s quite lucky how timely it is :slight_smile:

Check it out, Xojo Web: What to Do After You Click Build

It’s a long post, but once you’ve learned the process it’s actually a very quick procedure. Doing the research for security took me a long time, but I was pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to deploy a web app. I hope this helps someone!

Best wishes,

Great stuff, Tim, thanks.

Great tutorial Tim.


Purchased script
Works like a dream
Thanks Tim

I’m glad the post has helped so many people!

I am learning new things about Xojo Web all the time as I continue to explore a project. I will have more about Xojo Web in the future, and I look forward to what Web 2.0 holds.

I’ve updated the script today to also install libsoup which is required to use URLConnection. The pretty sizable project I had been using to test the script surprisingly did not use the feature and it got overlooked! Updates have been emailed :slight_smile:

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Very nice post, Tim. BUT: $10 for a “nice dinner” ? You are eating in the wrong places, son. Or your definition of “nice” needs recalibrating. Thanks again for the detailed information!

Thank you, Tim. Timely, indeed :slight_smile: