Blackmagic Disk Speed Test not working on Mojave ?

I read an article about the new MacBook Air ssd speed yesterday and I downloaded the free application “Blackmagic Disk Speed Test”.

I used it on El Capitan, then, I boot on Mojave and get an error message that was saying I cannot run it there because the disks (SSD and HD) are Rean Only.


Nota: to select the disk to test, click on the small gear icon on middle top of the window.

Beware: there is no visual clue on what disk is been tested (of course, it is important when you have more than one).

Also: the first run is nearly always slower than the successive ones…

And: the free disk space matters on the results (of course !)

Select a directory where you have write permission, like /Users/Shared

Doh ! It is possible to choose a directory ?

Thanks for the tip.