Black Friday

Will there be a Black Friday sale for Xojo licenses? On the fence right now regarding which edition, but with a Black Friday sale, I might go for a Pro license…

Wait a few days and see.

@Tim_Parnell collects Xojo related offers on


Okay, didnt know about that one, thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like there is a 20% sale going on right now :grinning:

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yeah, patience is not one of my strong sides🤣

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Am I correct in understanding that the MBS and Einhugur Black Friday discounts do NOT apply to upgrades, but only new licences?

When I try to apply to ‘BlackFriday’ Coupon Code to the MBS DigitalRiver Shopping Cart, it says “The coupon code you entered is invalid. If you have questions about this, please contact the publisher.”.

Yes, for new licenses. Updates are already 50% in MBS shop.

Do I need to do anything else to ask for PayPal or bank transfer details instead of sending a mail to hello? I do not own a credit card …

They wrote on Facebook, that they are closed until monday.

If you want to purchase via PayPal or bank transfer just write to set up an order and we will get back to you tomorrow. We are checking email all holiday weekend.

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It was my hope you would be available partially. Thanks, Dana!

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