Black Friday Sale for MBS


Coupon code for sales offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is simply Blackfriday2017 for all purchases through Share-It and Fastspring.
For Paypal or purchase orders, I can of course send custom order links or invoices.


How much is the Code worth and where can we enter the Code please? Tried it this morning an could not see any option for entering a Code on Share-It.

You can enter it using cart view, or add to cart rather than buy now.

Thank you @Charlie McCormack

Pretty sure is 20%. On Share-It, once you are presented the window to either “purchase” or “add to cart”, choose the later one.

Thank you @LangueR

I just purchased it :slight_smile:


And if someone like to synchronize license key end dates for various products, please contact me upfront, so we can make a custom upgrade price.

You can see summary of all offers currently here:

This ends soon.
But due to time zones we will accept the orders which come in over night.
So please complete before I come to office tomorrow.
Good Night