Black Friday sale + Auto Renew Bonus

Hey guys, my Xojo Pro subscription expires Nov 27, 2016 right on the black friday weekend sale. I have auto-renew turned on to save $70, do I also save 20% for black friday on top of that?


You should send license-related questions to

Will do,
Thank you!

Paul, would it be an issue if Alex shares his findings here? We are in a similar situation. Thanks!

I’m happy to answer the question for anyone in this situation. Auto-renew is separate from renewing on the website, so no, they do not combine. You can renew on the website during the sale for 20% off. That will push your auto-renew out to the new expiration date.

So in effect to benefit from the Black Friday sale, Alex would have to turn Auto Renew off, and renew manually, right ?

No, he doesn’t have to turn auto-renew off. He would just need to purchase a renewal during the sale (before the 27th).

And just in case anyone is wondering, Black Friday starts on Friday.

This sounds like a good opportunity. Does the 20% off apply to a New Single License?
Also, I’m assuming Friday being US time.

Yes, it is 20% off for all license types. Friday the 25th through Monday the 28th, USA time.

Wonderful :slight_smile: