Black Friday Order @Dana @Xojo

Hello Dana,

I wrote two mails to upgrade my license, but no response from you.

Please check your mailbox.

Thank you!

We have a lot of emails because of the sale. We will get back to you as soon as possible, no need to write multiple times. You will get the sale price if you wrote us during the sale. :slight_smile:

I am hoping that there will be another BlackFriday sale next week, as I have been waiting most of the year…fixed income now so I have to prioritze things more that before :slight_smile:

That being said… Should there in fact be such a sale (I am neither asking you to confirm or deny)… But is there a way a license purchase can be made using a PayPal account? and if so, what would that be?


So write an email at that time indicating what I wish to purchase, and that I’d like to use paypal, and I will be sent the specifics at that time? Ok

Yes, when you are ready to place your order please contact Customer Service and they can give you instructions. They will need to create a quote and give you that number to reference in your PayPal order.