BKS Shorts Embeddable Report Designer

Version 1.5.2 was released today.

  1. Started loclalization process and made dynamic strings. Spanish, French, and German are in the project.

  2. Fixed issue with Bands Editor when trying to delete Grand Total Band.

  3. Designer Canvas will no longer let you delete a Grand Summaries band. Must be done in the Bands editor.

  4. If the report has a NULL date it will now create a blank string rather than use the field name. Changed in ReportPF.CreateItem.

  5. Selected bands now highlight with background color. Color constant at PAF_PrintKit.PrintBand.kBandSelectedBackgroundColor.

  6. Fixed an error in the PropertyList that would sometimes overwrite a Text value with a zero thus causing all sorts of havoc with reports.

This update is recommended for all users as it fixes a number of bugs.

This is still a desktop only product. The goal is to allow report definitions to be rendered in a web app. I expect this process will take some time.


I will be purchasing BK Shorts for my desktop project soon, since I am getting to that point in the development process where I need it. BKS seems to be a wonderful product… !
Btw 1: this is what I usually do, crossing the bridge when I get there, not earlier.
Btw 2: looking forward to the webinar about BKS on the 2nd of Frebruary.

@Bob Keeney if you send me a list of all English/US locale-variables, I can translate them into Dutch for you. My application will be multilingual, so I would have to do it anyway if it’s not provided.

Send me an email at support@bkeeney.com and I’ll send you the localization file or spreadsheet (your choice).

Hi Bob,
I’ll pm you for spreadsheet (Italian translation).



Happy to help with German, email on its way.

I was flooded with emails overnight. Here’s localization that I have out already:


@Joost Rongen has agreed to do Dutch

Any more takers?

Gonna help with French translation…

Well, I already have someone working on French but I won’t turn down the help. I’d hate for either you or the other person to do unnecessary work…

Hungarian and Romanian signed up this afternoon.

French terminology can be tricky. You may want to have someone proof read the work once it’s done, before release.

Hey Bob,

How close are you on the Web version of the Report Player? I have a project where I could design the reports on desktop and just run them on Web…

I haven’t even started the project yet (well, not entirely true, I did look at it). If I have time I expect it to only take a few days but the trick is finding the time. Consulting is like drinking out of a firehose.

Version 1.5.3 released today. Change List:

• Added SC_GetCount in the Band XojoScript editor. This lets you get how many times this band has been shown. Example of use is to have line numbers on your report without having to do it in SQL.
• Updated German localization
• Rearranged UI on ccPAF_Filter (Filter Data) to make it a bit more obvious
• As a Text Item or Field Item are put on a report it will automatically use the “Default Style”
• Fixed an issue where the Default Style wasn’t getting passed to the generated report.
• The Styles Editor now allows you to delete multiple Styles at a time.
• Added a new example of how to print directly to printer without having to use the viewer.
• Reconfigured Demo window to break between Report Designer stuff and older code-only stuff.
• Added SC_GetCount Demo
• Fixed some items in the HTML Renderer
• In PAF_PrintKit.PrintText.constructor if there is no DefaultStyle we create one.
• ReportPF will now extract Styles from the report definition file.

For those interested, I’ll be doing a Xojo Webinar next Tuesday. Information and sign up link at http://www.xojo.com/support/webinar.php

Shorts is $300 and comes with 100% unencrypted source code. http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bkeeney-shorts/

I have my first build today that allows me to run the external report file in a Xojo web app. So now, you can create your uber complex report in the report designer on the desktop. Then you can have your web app use that file (or string) and generate the report.

The only issue I’ve seen so far is that if you specify a Style in the band XojoScript script and don’t have it locally (so the web app can get to it) it doesn’t know how to handle it.

Regardless, I need to do more testing and create a better web demo for it.

Hoping to show it off for the Tuesday webinar.

I’m so excited about this.

@Bob Keeney

I send an email to your support address. I can do the portuguese translation.

Thanks! You should have a reply with the portugese spreadsheet in your inbox by now.