BKeeney Software Announced ARGen 3.0

BKeeney Software Inc. is proud to announce that ARGen, our ActiveRecord Generator utility for Xojo developers, has a new major update. ARGen version 3.0 includes a host of new features including the ability to generate ActiveRecord classes for Xojo iOS projects, the ability to use GUID primary keys, the option to include a database update module, include an audit trail module, and include a UI localization module. There are also new ways to arrange your user interface layouts that can save you even more time when initially creating a project. In addition to these major new features, ARGen fixes a number of bugs and provides more enhancements.

ARGen has versions for macOS and Windows. It costs $99.95 but can be used in limited mode at no cost. Existing version 2.x users will be provided an upgrade opportunity with a 50% discount or they contact us at support@bkeeney.com to get an upgrade coupon.

Pricing, examples, and more details can be found at the project homepage at https://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/argen/

3.0 Release Notes:


  • iOS ActiveRecord!
  • Reorder fields in the order they should be displayed. This would work both on List and Edit forms.
  • Name labels for generated UI elements
  • Switch between horizontal and vertical alignment for UI fields and labels
  • Projects can now have individual Namespaces
  • GUID support (except for ODBC connections)
  • Can now include a Database Update module
  • Can now include an Audit Trail module
  • Can now include a Localization module
  • Warnings for aggregates that conflict with Xojo (note below)
  • New database connection window
  • New app icon


  • Oracle databases are no longer supported


  • Add / Edit dialog now shows in web version (#3556)
  • Icon now displays properly in alerts (#3474)
  • PostgreSQL Views now working
  • Control init on add and edit windows
  • Preferences now correctly handles prefix and suffix settings
  • Selecting suffix no longer causes a compile error
  • Confirmation dialogs are now set up properly (#3643)
  • MenuBarVisible is no longer false on any template windows (#3475)
  • Rescan Schema works again


  • Database specific PreparedStatements
  • Instances of MsgBox replaced with MessageBox (#3474)
  • Enhanced Save() on add and edit windows
  • Listbox.Open() now has a ColumnWidths placeholder for convinience
  • Desktop projects now created with HiDPI on
  • Desktop projects now default to 64 bit for Mac
  • Opening a SQLite project automatically attempts to connect (#3596)
  • Auto-Generate UI step is now easier to understand

Aggregates Note:
When using aggregate like Count(), Max(), Min() some DBs will return the aggregate as the field name.
Added code to warn on open project that there is invalid for xojo field names, and fail generate.