Bkeeney Shorts

I’ve bought Bkeeney Shorts and Formatted Text Control license too.
I would like to know if I can print (paper) or create Pdf file from the field content (FTC) using shorts.
If yes, could you give me same snippet ? Please.

Thanks in advances


Sorry for my bad english

You’ve asked me in a number of forums. The answer is I do not know. We’ve gotten RTF working in Shorts (using parts of FTC) and we’ve been abel to convert that to PDF. It’s not been extensively tested so we’re not sure what does NOT work yet.

I have investigated the possibility of converting to PDF directly from FTC. Since we were not the original developers of FTC there are some structure deficiencies that make it hard to do. We started with the FTIterator (see HTMLIterator) and attempted to use the example that MBS has for converting StyledText to PDF but it’s been only partially successful. Text converts but the styles and alignment do not and there are some other things that aren’t working very well yet either.

Thanks Bob.

Hi Bob,
there is a Shorts update release for the problem of Graphics class that no longer exist ?



We are working on an update for Shorts, but in the meantime we decided to remove the outdated version of FTC that was bundled in Shorts. This is where the Graphics no longer exists errors come from. This issue does not affect the current version of FTC.

Until the update is ready, you can follow these instructions for removing FTC from Shorts:

  1. Delete the BKeeney_Shorts/FTC folder in the IDE.
  2. Delete the BKS_Shorts.RTFTextItem class
  3. Delete the BKS_Shorts/HTMLIterator class
  4. Delete the BKS_Shorts.GraphicsRenderer.RTFText method
  5. Delete the BKS_Shorts.HTMLRenderer.RTFText method
  6. Delete the BKS_ShortsDynaPDF.Renderer.RTFText method
  7. Delete the BKS_ShortsDynaPDF.Renderer.PDFCovnertText method
  8. Delete the BKS_Shorts_ReportDesigner/PAF_BKS/CSVRenderer.RTFText method
  9. Delete the BKS_Shorts.IRenderer.RTFText method

FTC is now removed from the core Shorts functionality. You may find other “not found” errors with the demo examples, you can delete the offending lines.

Thanks you very much Tim.