BKeeney Shorts - How to sort data?

Hello all.

Using the shorts designer, is there a way to sort the data? If so how?

Select the band, in the inspector (the right side) under the Behavior section you’ll see “Order By”

Depending on the complexity of the data it might be easier to create a view with the data already sorted. While Shorts can do some fairly complex SQL Joins it’s sometimes easier to let the DB do it in a view. My general rule of thumb is that if I have to do more than one join I’ll do it in a view.

Go idea, but not always possible. What if you have to report from a company production database on which you’re only allowed to run select queries and not add anything like a view? My choice in this case would then be creating a local dataset, for example in a local SQLite db, and report from there. It’s actually what most of the BI tools do.

Sure. There’s always exceptions to every rule. Maybe more like guidelines or suggestions. :slight_smile:

What’s the latest version and how can I tell which version I have. In the version I am using, there is no “Order By” in the behavior, or anywhere else. So I must be down level.

Also, assuming I am downlevel, if I upgrade will I have to redo the code too, or is the code prepared to handle upgrades to the designer. My guess is yes, but one never knows…
Thanks for all of the responses!

BTW, the download from the BKeeney file share does not work. I have tried a few times and it is always and error 504; Gateway Timesout

You should have received an email from BKeeney Software a few weeks ago. There is a new file share address: https://xojoapps.bkeeney.com/cgi-bin/FileShare/fileshare.cgi

Latest version: 2.0.9

Thanks Marin,

Yes, I did get the email. That was the link used.
Your link is the same, and still has an error - tho this time an error 500…

Thanks for the effort!

The download did finally work.