BK Shorts, Sorting report by a field


I am testing out the demo BK Shorts program for the Report Designer.

Managed to connect (SQLite) and get a report going real quick, all good. Simple list of Books with Author Surname, Forename and Title.

I want to sort the list by Author Surname (DB field = author_surname)

But cant see any option to do any sorting in the designer. Surely I must be missing something. No sort??


The Order By field was on the bottom of the inspector list if I recall correctly.

Not seeing it. See screenshot

Also. the demo crashes of you right-click on a blank are of the designer page. I tried it in case the sort was a context menu option.

Select the Body object and it will then be in properties.

Got it thank you. I assumed the sort would be a property of the field you wanted to sort. Assumption, never a good thing …

BTW. the Preview display looks a bit along the top edge, has the designer stuff showing through I think, see screenshot. I am using Mac Catalina. BKS is 2.08

Any ideas?