Bitmaptypes (Windows)

How do I get the bytes from the following 2 types:

pictureD2DPBGRAPtr, // a raw pointer to the Direct2D Pre-multiplied BGRA bytes
pictureIWICBitmap // an IWICBitmap ptr

The pictureD2DPBGRAPtr I just cast to unsigned char ? As in it is just the raw bytes as is ?

pictureIWICBitmap I guess I call Lock on this one and then GetDataPointer ?

And finally when can I expect to get those types ? As in how can I make my self test case that is returning such ?


For pictureD2DPBGRAPtr, I use RowSize = 4 * width and REALpictureDescription.pictureData is the pointer to the pixels.

I don’t use pictureIWICBitmap and not sure what that is.

Thanks Christian