Binary Name vs. Executable Name

I am going through the Introduction To Programming with Xojo book by Brad Rhine.

I am doing the example on page 250. I started from a program from pg 243 that I called ‘Intro243 Pictures’ and saved a new binary project named ‘Intro250 Pictures 3’. When I run this, it fails to run, showing the “Cannot connect to the debugger error”. I notice that the first tab is shown as ‘Window 1’, then the second tab is named ‘INTRO243 Pictures.exe’ as for the previous project (which is closed). I suspect the error and this name are related.

I didn’t see any properties or parameters which would cause the old name to be used for the executable.

What should I do?



Have you tried closing Xojo fully and launching fresh? On Windows you may have to use the tray item to end it’s process completely.

The exe name is in Build Settings. Change it there.

Thanks for the help!