Binary File Reader


I need to analyze the content of some binary files. Does anyone know of a good Windows software application to read and examine the content? A search revealed a bunch of shareware ones, but I’d trust something more if it was suggested by my fine colleagues here on the Xojo Forum!

Try notepad++.

I use HxD and have for years without issues.


UltraEdit by IDM software… comes in both Windows and macOS flavors.
The Windows version has been around for decades… Not free, but is an excellent tool.

+1 for HxD

I tried HxD, worked perfect.

Thank you all for the suggestions!

I’m happy with HexFiend (but it’s macOS only, sorry)

There are specialised ones for combination documents such as those used by older versions of Office
Hex Editors will let you look at any binary file.
A file which is ISAM (Indexed sequential access method) may be formed of records which are all the same size, in which case sometimes you can view them as records if you can establish the structure they use
(eg 10 bytes string, 4 byte integer, 4 byte integer,20 bytes string repeat)

What file extension is it?

@Thomas Tempelmann: Did you not have had iBored for this job, made with former Realbasic?

iBored is to access a full disk, not each file inside the disk