bin() is unknown for iOS?

To get a binary text representation of an integer the user guide tells me that bin() is available for all targets. But ‘the item is unknown’ in iOS-XOJO.
Have I missed something? (I get the impression a lot of functionality has been renamed in the 2019 release but the online guides seem to provide out-of-date info.)

That is what you want perhaps

Thanks Derk, a second read of bin() in the user guide showed me it is not for iOS. What I would welcome is that if an item in the user guide is not for iOS or not for Web, there is a link guiding you to a place where it is described how to get the same functionality on iOS or Web. Coming from DT environment I am constantly having these minor hurdles.

The whole idea of API 2 is to have in the end exactly the same syntax in Desktop, mobile and web. Not before the end of the year, or next year, though.