BigSur Beta File Issues

Jon, I notice from your movie that you have iCloud Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox running.

That’s either genius or madness, not sure which :slight_smile:

Have you considered it could be a weird 4 way interaction between the 3 sync tools and 11.3 beta?

They all serve different purposes and there’s no overlap between any of them (ie: iCloud does not contain my Dropbox or Dropbox does not contain OneDrive, etc.

So they shouldn’t be affecting anything.

And the problem demonstrated was on my home directory which is not anywhere but on my actual disk drive.

Rebooting the machine ended up causing Finder to update with the most recent changes. Wish I knew that before I lost all my work.

I belive that all 3 of these hook into the OS and apps (e.g. the Finder) at a pretty low level, so even if you have them set to all use different folders, there still may be interactions.

Have you verified the ones you can update (OneDrive / DropBox) are fully updated? Maybe check with those vendors about any BigSur 11.3 beta issues?

Or maybe just pause syncing on all of them to see if the problem goes away.


I find I’m rebooting macBS at least once a week, sometimes once a day (This was a clean install). Yesterday afternoon, command-tab suddenly stopped working.

BS decides on its own when it wants to be rebooted - in 15 (?) years of using macOS I haven’t had as many kernel panics as I had with BS/M1.

Does it kernel panic when it is supposed to be sleeping?

Interesting. My experience is exactly the opposite. I’ve not seen a single KP on my M1 mini (which is a nice change of pace), but I do see the memory going to swap and sticking there, which does require the occasional reboot to clear.

Nope, I’m doing something. Cursor freezes and then I know it’s time for a kernel panic again.

I suspect this is likely because you unchecked the iCloud setting “Desktop & Documents in the cloud” on your main system, in which it restores your local Home folder versions of those folders, but may still retain the iCloud Desktop and Documents folders if you have (or had, wiped/sold/recycled) other Macs that were on that iCloud account with Desktop & Documents in iCloud enabled. So that may explain why you see them in both locations. If the “use Desktop & Documents” iCloud setting is turned off, your Documents and Desktop folders are 100% local, and SpecialFolders.Desktop points to ~/Desktop/ not iCloud.

You’d think, but that’s not what’s going on here. It just has never worked, just like Apple Music. It works great on my phone, but I get errors trying to turn it on for my desktop.

I’d suggest keeping an eye on memory usage. I had a terrible time with El Cap and memory usage, until I clean installed the OS (again).

I would recommend trying a clean install, but I recall reading something about that is/was broken for M1 Macs.

iCloud continues to be a POS, it acts like a resentful child when you disable it, removing your files from your computer. I refuse to use it now, just on the off-chance that something goes wrong at Apple’s end and they annihilate my local files.

While I personally have not had this exact issue, I do leverage Desktop & Documents in iCloud, and over the years have run into syncing issue across my devices (signed into an iMac and two MacBook Pros), but over the past year I have not run into it. I do keep a couple of Xojo project files in a directory that is synced into iCloud and have not encountered any trouble yet outside of debug builds not being deleted after exiting.

From my point of view, I’d welcome a system update if it would get me (and obviously hundreds if not more others) rid of the frequent slowdowns and watchdog failures, followed by an incredibly slow restart every now and then … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I do share your concerns though.

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You can with a TimeMachine backup. Or Apple removed that too?

But but but you are so much more safe now. Safest so to speak until BS^2 will make you more safest.

What are “watchdog failures”? I only restart for kernel panics nowadays.

Main computer is still on High Sierra…


Good your computer is still high on Sierra. You can have watchdog failures with Catalina too:

They are the reason switching between apps sometimes takes half a minute or more during which I can do not much more than enjoy the colourful wheel. Which, of course, is very safe, I agree. Cannot do anything wrong during that time.
Every few days this pause can last much longer, the spinning wheel will disappear and after a long time the computer will restart. With a failure notice like that above.
These beasts have become quite lazy for many who upgraded their system to BS. Over-installing again did not help. Maybe a complete clean install would do, but … aaaaaaarrrgh! :scream:

Edit: Found an illustrative video. Constant Kernel Panics – userspace watchdog timeout: no successful checkins from | MacRumors Forums


What is so very interesting is the following: back when we weren’t safe we had small annoyances. Let Apple Disk Utility fix some permissions and everything went back to working fine. Nowadays, everyone has totally different unfixable behaviour.


…and sometimes it do not reports errors (corrected or not), but the reboot was fine !

Apple is fixing problems that don’t exist! There’s no evidence anywhere of the kind of malicious attacks that Apple is protecting us from. Next thing you know, OS X is going to go to an XIP architecture where the OS boots out of secure flash and any customization/changes done are loaded from a file at boot!

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