BigSur Beta File Issues

This question isn’t related to the Xojo but but the current Mac OS X Big Sur 11.3 Beta. Is anyone else running this and having file system problems particularly with Xojo.

I don’t know what is going on. I usually keep my projects in my Documents folder. This syncs with iCloud and I can use the project on multiple different machines. But something is wrong. Trying to run a project in the Documents folder causes Xojo to hang. I’ve had to move the projects to my home directory. That seemed to be working OK until today. I had a project there and all seemed fine until today. Xojo crashed when I was running it where I would attempt to run and Xojo would just lock up. Then later I came back and re-opened my files. ALL of my recent changes to one of my projects was gone - all. Days worth or work. I know that I was saving as well as I started saving religiously with the problems I was having with Xojo crashing.

This new version of OS X is doing something to the file system. It’s completely screwing with versions of files, etc. And I’m not even on a synced drive here.

Anyone else having issues with this? I know this is an Apple beta issue but it’s dealign with Xojo. This is not the Xojo beta either. I haven’t been doing much with the 2021 beta…

Here’s a further example of it.

I just took my project file - made a change and saved it. The finder did NOT update anything to the project file in my home directory (which is the file that was opened).

I then saved a COPY of the file with another name - again in the home directory. That file does not show up in my home directory.

I don’t know where Apple is saving these files, but something is very wrong…

Remember that there are two “Documents” folders when using iCloud. There’s the one in your Home directory (which is where you are probably looking) and there’s the one that’s attached to iCloud which you can get to by selecting iCloud Drive in any Finder Window.

Same goes for Desktop and Downloads.

I"m not using Documents any more because of the problem. I put the files in my Home folder.

It’s like the Finder isn’t updating them. I used Find Any File to find the second file that I saved. I then right clicked on it and said “Show in Finder” - boom - the finder suddenly updated and showed the file.

And Documents in home folder and documents in iCloud is SUPPOSED to be the same thing.

That is not my experience.

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I wonder if they’re experimenting with freeing up space by offloading uncommonly used files (like on iOS) and it’s just buggy in the current beta.

I have been using the Documents folder in my iCloud and mixing it with the documents folder in my home directory for YEARS. You can set it up that way. That way all your computers on your same iCloud account get the same files. Same with desktop and all as well. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of having an iCloud desktop if that isn’t what is showing on your desktop.

Something is very buggy. I have a screen movie of the issue. I’m going to post it but I have to put it up to my web server first as I can’t directly upload the movie.

My iCloud documents folder hasn’t synced since March 10th! And I’m online 24/7.

While I agree with you, iCloud has never worked this way for me. I have always had certain files which appear everywhere and certain files that don’t. It’s very confusing and frustrating at times, but I gave up trying to fix it.


Which is when the latest beta came out right? Ah, the wonders of using Beta OS’s in production.

I had that issue when I let OS X manage my disk space. Once I turned that off, it was stable until now…

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Yeah and the problem is once you start updating you can’t go backwards. I wish I could go back to the current production Big Sur. I updated to attempt to solve a different issue (non-Xojo related). Big regret.

Here the link to the file saving issue movie. Take a look at this - I’ve never seen anything like it. Also notice how the file dialog in Xojo never shows any files. It just spins…
File Saving Issue

I am noticing another weird issue with 11.3 beta 3.

If I have a compiled copy of my app already running, then I try to “Run” the project in Xojo. The debug application never launches, Xojo thinks it does, but instead the already running compiled copy comes forwards.

So did Apple.

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I guess this all means that 11.3 is going to ship next week. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lord help us!

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I’ve seen this as well. Although I think I saw it in 11.2. Not sure tho.

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Yes, this happens in 11.2.

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Oh geez…