Big Sur just released. Hang on tight

This morning, I was offered to upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur.

It means end users will probably massively adopt the new system. Let us hope there is no major hiccup with Xojo apps…

I already noticed GUI issue when you use the ‘flex space’ separator for toolbars. I am guessing it is a Xojo issue because it works fine with Xcode.

Just installed it.

Very bright. Very round. New icons etc.

Which probably means that I won’t not be surprised if layout spacings are screwed up in some Xojo projects.

BTW. For other MAc users, XCode update came a long with it, so expect a 23gb+ download if you are planning to update soon.

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First incompatibility. I had kept Thunderbird 60. After upgrade, the list of email addresses no longer showed in the left hand side column :confused:

After upgrade to 78.4.3, email addresses are back :slight_smile:

Please file a bug report

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Little worrying - just tried to run my main app in 2019 and got:

Linking Executable
ld: file not found: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundation for architecture x86_64

Going to try a reboot and see if it helps, but does not really fill me with confidence.

As far as I remember you have to use 2019r3.2: Fixed linker error that occurred on macOS Big Sur.


TBH, I thought that this machine had been updated, but looks like it’s been missed. Still 2019r3.1 - so time to update.

Found antother bug:

Open xojo project
File Save as
Shows only “.xojo_binary_project” i don’t see a popup menu with different project type selections.

My ide setting for default project types is “xojo_project” (text)

Did you lose your license?

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BTW DMG Canvas crashes (even the latest version).
Bummer … I need to create a dmg asap. :slight_smile:


Will do. Will make an example too

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I’m seeing an issue too, in my app I have a canvas that stops a few pixels below the bottom (Space for status stuff) but in the Big Sur release the canvas extends beyond the bottom. Just a small manual resize redraws it correct. I didn’t see it in the BS betas! Will investigate later. Hey Ho

I’m assuming your window has a toolbar.

In your open event try setting the window height to itself.

Self.height = Self.Height


Yes, and now that I’ve signed Xojo in again, it is now using two license slots!

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I still have DMG Canvas v2.4.5, I noticed there is a V3, does that crash? (My version does)

ruh-roh, it shows no licenses, and logging in “Shows No active licenses!”.

OK, after logging into my account on, it showed both actications (as the same device!), so deauthorizing them it now worked. Phew!

This works for me, thanks. Now to try and work around DMG Canvas going up in smoke! lol.