BevelButton ?

I set some round icons for BevelButton (BB) use.

I put the four BB in my windos, set them the bevel property to round.

a. there is a squared perimeter (grey) around the icons.
b. the icon is displayed as square on Windows 10 1703.

Can I do something against that ?
(beside using a Canvas ?)

Expected behavior.

0 Small bevel
1 Normal bevel
2 Large bevel
3 Rounded bevel (macOS only)
4 No Bevel (Windows only)
5 Round (macOS only)
6 Large Round (macOS only)
7 Disclosure (macOS only)

Thanks Sasha.

I read a bunch of these, but when I add the BB to the window, not when I was testing under Windows.

PS: very deceived of the Windows UI vs El Capitan. Will open another Conversation when my El Capitan will be updated.
(needs URL, paswword, etc.)

For 0, 1 and 2 I have seen NO changes under macOS

What about the surround rectangle ?

PS: Circle or Square, who cares (beside me) ?

I haven’t either Dave,