Bevelbutton Question

I there a way to make a bevel button transparent. I’m trying to make a menu bar on the mac but
the bevel button does not allow for background color on the mac like it does on windows ?

Use a Canvas instead or a Label…

But with those you don’t get the effect that your pushing a button.

And how do you get any effects if your button is transparent?

With a Canvas, you can replicate any effect you desire

here is an CanvasButton Example

With a icon and text added to a bevel button and the background was transparent you can blend it into
what ever you added it to. Anyway what do I know… Seemed logical to me.

Axel Schneider your routine does just what I needed it to. I did not do it that way as i was under the impression
that using multiple canvases was not a good idea on a single page.

Anyway, thanks for the example.