Bevelbutton on Win XP (classic theme)

Since I can’t install the Feedback system, I am posting this here.

OS: Win XP (lastest updates)
Xojo: 2013r4.1

There seems to be a major issue with the Bevelbutton appearance when using icons. The issue only happens when using the Windows Classic theme for Win XP, works fine in the Windows XP Theme.

Was able to get feedback working. Submitted bug.


Don’t expect a resolution to this “bug”… especially if it is determined to be WinXP related… WinXP will be officially End-of-Life by Microsoft is less than 90 days from now.

Dave might be right, problary PictureButton from is a solution for you…

To create graphic buttons, I am using a canvas. I use the mousedown event to show a clicked state graphic and do action, and go back to normal graphic in mouseup. Compared to the bevel button, it requires creating a clicked state graphic, but for the user, it can be much nicer.

Also, it allows creating circular forward and back buttons the like Windows is doing nowadays :slight_smile:

This is a bug for all flavors of windows that I have I tested (windows server 2008 r2, Windows 7, Windows XP) that uses Windows Classic theme.

I found as a workaround… switch from bevel button to push button.