BevelButton not rendering properly on hi-dpi

Hi all,

Got a very simple project that I converted over from Mac. It uses a bevel button. There is NO code that alters the appearance of the button other than the caption. I’m not changing its position nor do I have any event handlers on it other than Action.

Here’s what the form looks like in the Xojo IDE:

When I run the project with “Supports Retina/HiDPI” enabled, the button does not render correctly:

If I disable “Supports Retina/HiDPI,” the button renders as expected:

I’d like to enable HiDPI on this project. Anyone know the fix?


If you don’t use the special features of BevelButton like picture, a regular button looks like a valid replacement.

You may want to file a bug report, though.

I created the simplest of projects with just a window and a bevel button and tried running it on windows and was able to replicate this behavior. I AM indeed running a Hi-DPI system, maybe it behaves normally at standard 96dpi?

If anyone on normal DPI on Xojo Windows could check this out and see if the button is clipped, we can narrow down this behavior and submit a bug report.


Looks like <> is the same, and it is marked as “fixed”.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the fix did not make it in 2016R1.1.

OK. Bug confirmed in 2016R1.1 with BevelButtons, but apparently regular buttons are not affected. No bug in non HiDPI mode.

I guess the bug fix for 43007 is for 2016R2. It was not mentioned in the release notes anyway.

Thanks @Michel Bujardet. I guess no need to submit another bug report if it’s fixed, just have to wait a couple of months for the next update.

Sorry to bump this up to the top - Has anyone discovered a workaround for this bug? I have a cross-platform project where I need a button with a picture on it and it also needs to work on High DPI. Don’t think I can wait for 2016R2.

A simple immediate workaround would be to use a Canvas as button. Use the backdrop property to load the picture, and the Canvas Paint event to draw the grey frame.

Then use the MouseUp event as Action. Don’t forget to return true in MouseDown.

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