Bevelbutton image inverse in Windows

Hello Everyone,

I am placing an image in the Bevelbutton and the image inverts every 2nd or 3rd run.

How do I prevent this inversion of the image?

Steps to recreate the issue are:

  1. open a new Xojo file
  2. Add a Bevelbutton to the Window
  3. Create a 100 x 100 png image (write something on it, like ‘hello world’)
  4. add the image to the xojo project
  5. link the icon to the bevelbutton in the inspector
  6. run the program

This is on a Windows 8 OS with Xojo running the Windows IDE of Xojo.

Thanks for your help, :slight_smile:


Yes we’re aware theres a bug
I think it’s already been fixed for the next version

Thank you Norman.