BevelButton Appearance Pak.dll

Hi to all. It’s incredible to see that Xojo new platform reintroduce a solved bug in RealBasic. If the main window as a backdrop and you insert a bevelbutton, Xojo will show you an horrible light grey border around your button.

We have a lot of programs written in RealBasic, we bought xojo licences and now our programs has this ugly effect on all the buttons. We solved this issue replacing the Appereance Pak that xojo produces with old one from RealBasic. It will flicker, of course, but the control are in faschion with backdrop (Immagine a backdrop on black satinated aluminum with a BevelButton and a light grey border around it…)

Is it only an our issue? We found this bug on Windows, of course, but we choose RealBasic 'couse we need to deploy to Windows and Mac at the same time without reinventing the wheel every time we need to upgrade a software.


Replacing the Appearance pack is likely a very dangerous thing to do. If any of the API has changed it will cause problems in places you aren’t aware of. I would file a feedback report about your issue and wait for a fix.

Hi Ian and thank you for your prompt answer. Can you explain how to file a feedback report. Lurking on the website, I didn’t found the way to do this, only post a request on the forum.

Thank you


It’s a separate app that downloads with xojo. There should be a link from the xojo toolbar to start it. It’s used to report bugs and request changes and enhancements.

Try placing a bevel button on a rectangle control… that’s one work-around.