Bevel button ConstructContextualMenu

It’s easy to add a menu to a bevel button with Me.AddRow(“xxx”) but I don’t get it with the Event ConstructContextualMenu. (.HasMenu = True)
Has it the same purpose as .AddRow?
Don’t you use it for bevelbuttons?
Not much information to find about this…

ConstructContextualMenu is called only for a contextual menu (i.e. right-click or keyboard shortcut). Probably not very useful with a BevelButton with a menu

Generally true. However, I do have one application where I used the contextual menu to let the user select alternative menus for the bevelbutton. (I hated the UI but it’s what the customer wanted.)

I understand and you are right.
I wondered why the example in the help “RectControl.ConstructContextualMenu” does not work for bevel buttons as it should work on every rect control

Bevelbuttons with menus will drop the menu on left button or right button clicks unless intercepted in the MouseDown event. Bevelbuttons without a menu should function as a button on left-clicks and show the contextual menu on right-clicks. Most other rectcontrols don’t have menus other than contextual menus.