Better to refer than to hijack

In the past, I have sometimes tried less to help the questioner with his problem in a discussion and instead pointed out inadequacies in the Xojo development environment or the feedback system and so on… I often did this out of frustration that things weren’t going to work as I expected.
So I can understand this behavior very well.

In the future I would rather try to start a new / own discussion instead, in which I refer to the discussion that triggered my reaction. Should my reaction then be inappropriate or should this discussion then go off grid, I would not prevent the questioner from the original discussion having a chance of detailed help.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Perhaps because for a long time I did not consider the concerns of others in this forum myself? And maybe it is the same for one or the other here and my contribution helps others to rethink your behavior as well? I really don’t know…

And before anyone else gets their thoughts: I don’t think about certain users and I wasn’t recently contacted by Xojo because I had done something outside of known rules in the forum.

Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

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That’s one of the things I’ve tried to get across to people. If you have a complaint, don’t hijack someone else’s topic where they genuinely need help or want to discuss a specific thing just to air your grievance. It doesn’t help the OP or contribute meaningfully to the discussion, especially in cases where a user decides to just make a negative remark without offering any real insight or assistance.

Creating your own topic in such scenarios would, I’m sure, be welcome by both other users and the moderation team.